Outdoor Burning
Ordinance Number 1993-93

No fire shall be permitted to burn between the hours of 9:00 pm and 7:00 am. All fires shall be extinguished completely by 9:00 pm. The burning shall be attended at all times by a responsible individual. No fire shall be permitted closer than fifty (50’) feet from any structure located on the property of the person conducting the fire, and no closer than seventy-five (75’) feet from any structure located on the land of another. Tires and hazardous and toxic materials or byproducts shall not be burned. Garbage and trash shall only be burned in a non-combustible container which is covered by screen or wire mesh. Burning is prohibited on smaller lots of one-third (1/3) acre or less.

From time to time a burn ban may be put into effect due to drought conditions. The burn bans are posted on the web page, the cable channel 95, and advertised in a newspaper with local distribution.

Please remember not to burn on Township or State Roads and right-of-ways. Never leave your fire unattended - have your garden hose out and ready if needed. Avoid windy days and if you expect to have a lot of smoke while burning, please call 911 and report a controlled burn so that the fire trucks do not respond unnecessarily to the fire.