Apply for an Absentee Ballot

Apply for an Absentee Ballot on line at

Absentee ballot applications for the November 5th election must be received by your county election office by 5pm on Tuesday, October 29, 2019.

Last day for County Boards of Elections to receive voted civilian absentee ballots is November 1, 2019.

To vote by absentee ballot you must be registered to vote.

People who may vote by absentee ballot include:

    • College Students
    • People whose Work or Vacation take them away from the Municipality where they live
    • Those with a Physical Disability or Illness that Prevents them from going to the Polling Place
    • Members of the Military
    • People who may have a Conflict due to the Celebration of a Religious Holiday

Call 717-771-9604 (Voter Registration) for more information or visit

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