Board Of Supervisors

Carroll Township is governed by a five-member Board of Supervisors elected at large for staggered six-year terms. The Board is responsible for setting policy, enacting local ordinances, adopting budgets and levying taxes.

The following individuals currently serve on the Board of Supervisors:

Tim D. Kelly, Vice-Chairman:  Term ends January 2026
Kelly S. Wall:  Term ends January 2026
Libby Loudenslager:  Term ends January 2030
Dave Bush:  Term ends January 2028
Brent A. Sailhamer, Chairman:  Term ends January 2028

The Board of Supervisors hold a work session the first Monday of each month at 6:30PM and a business meeting the second Monday of each month at 6:30PM at the Municipal Building.

Committee Appointments are as follows:

  1. Recreation – Supervisors Loudenslager & Bush
  2. Personnel – Supervisors Kelly & Loudenslager
  3. Roads and Building – Chairman Sailhamer & Bush
  4. Planning – Chairman Sailhamer & Wall
  5. Police – Supervisors Kelly & Wall
  6. Financial – Supervisors Kelly & Loudenslager
  7. Emergency Services – Supervisors Wall & Bush
  8. Dillsburg Area Authority – Supervisors Bush & Wall
  9. Capital Region COG – Supervisors Bush & Kelly
  10. York Adams Tax Bureau – Supervisors Kelly & Loudenslager
  11. Carroll Township Business Economic and Development – Chairman Sailhamer & Wall
  12. Comprehensive Plan- Chairman Sailhamer & Loudenslager