Residential Trash Collection & Recycling

Penn Waste Inc. the contracted waste hauler, (1-866-575-8720) provides residential trash collection for Carroll Township. The scheduled pick-up day is Wednesday.  Call Penn Waste Inc. to set up your service.  “Pay your bill online” is now available at

Penn Waste Flyers:

Due to the recently imposed new rules severely restricting the levels of contamination allowed in recyclable materials, these are the new recommended recycling guidelines effective June 2018.

What can I put in my recycling bin?

Recommeded Recycling Guidelines

Unacceptable Items List

Continental Paper Grading and Consolidated Scrap Resources, Inc. have options for paper recycling.Options for Paper Recycling.

 Recycling Cardboard

Calling All Cartons  –  FAQ-About-Cartons

Do Not use Plastic Bags for your recycling

2022 Carroll Township Trash & Recycling Calendar

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, York County Solid Waste Authority had to temporarily suspend tours of the waste-to-energy facility, the York County Resource Recovery Center. In an effort to offer a “tour” of the facility , they have created a video which highlights the magic of waste-to-energy. Click here to view this video.

2022 Trash service:

Option 1 consists of the weekly pick-up of household garbage limited to (4) 40 gallon bags or cans per week, and recycling, one bulk item per week, leaf waste picked up first Saturday May through November, and Christmas tree pick-up for a quarterly fee of $78.75.  Extra trash bags (for over the 4 bag limit) can be purchased at the Carroll Township Office for $7.75 a bag.

Option 2 is a pay-per-bag program designed for small quantity waste generators.  Participants will receive unlimited recycling collection weekly, leaf waste picked up first Saturday May through November and can place a bulk item out for collection with a bag attached.  Program details call for purchase of 18 bags per year minimum with a price of $7.75 per bag or $139.50 per year.  The program can be pro-rated for the rest of the year if started after the first quarter.  Residents will be billed annually for this service.  Extra bags can be purchased for $7.75 per bag at the Carroll Township Office.  The orange 32 gallon bags for this service are only available through Penn Waste, Inc. or the Carroll Township Office.

The Code of Carroll Township, Chapter 326 states that all residential homes are required to participate in the township garbage and recycling program.  See below for the list of designated recyclable materials.

Recycling Containers are available at the Township Building.

If a holiday falls on or before your scheduled pickup day, service will be delayed by one day. Weekend Holidays will not interrupt service. Penn Waste observes the following Holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Below are some reminders and helpful suggestions to make trash day a little more pleasant.

Trash Limits – Household Waste (Option 1) – limited to (4) 40 gallon bags or cans per week, not heavier than 50 lbs each. Extra trash bags (for over the 4 bag limit) are available at the Carroll Township Office.

Leaf Waste – Penn Waste, Inc. will pick up curbside 1st Saturday of each month May through November.  See below for details.

Fluorescent Bulbs may be put in the regular trash.  Recycling options are returning used bulbs to Home Depot (even if you didn’t purchase them there) or taking them to a Household Hazardous Waste collection.

Cardboard Boxes are unacceptable as waste containers. Cardboard must be broken down and put in the recycling container or tied with string/twine to be accepted as recycling.

Christmas Trees must be cut to 5 feet length or less and will be picked up the 2nd Saturday of January.  Christmas trees picked up after this date will be considered a bulk item.  Christmas trees can also be dropped off at the Carroll Township Leaf Waste Facility.

Cinders are accepted as one of the bag limit provided it is in a plastic bag not heavier than 50 pounds.

TVs, Desktop & Laptop Computers, Monitors and Computer Peripherals
Beginning January 24, 2013, the Covered Device Recycling Act prohibits residents from placing them at curb side for waste pick-up.

All York County residents can recycle outdated and worn-out electronics at Fairview Township’s Electronics Recycling drop off located at 55 Fairview Road, New Cumberland, PA 17070.  Summer/Fall (April-Oct.) hours for the drop off will be Monday through Saturday, 8:00am – 4:30pm.  Winter/Spring (Nov.-March) hours for the drop off will be Monday through Friday, 9:00am – Noon and the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month, from 9:00am to Noon.  Questions concerning the electronic recycling can be directed to Fairview Township at 717-901-5200.  Carroll Township will NOT be collecting electronics.

Additional information on electronic recycling.

Bulk Items – 1 Bulk item per week that can be lifted by 2 men will be picked up on you regular pickup day. Appliances containing Freon (CFC) must be pre-scheduled by calling Penn Waste at 1-866-575-8720 any time before Tuesday 12:00pm each week, all collections will be done on Wednesday.   For safety purposes, doors to appliances must be removed.  Option 2 customers must attach a Penn Waste trash bag to the bulk item.

Acceptable Bulk Items:
Sofas, Desks, Hot Water Tanks
Chairs, Tables, Washer/Dryer
Box Springs, Mattresses
Automobile tires off the rim (1 per week)
Small Quantities of misc. items (toys, books, and misc.) confined to a single bag or can (no cardboard boxes with items in them).
Similar items that can be loaded into the back of the truck by two workers.

NON-Acceptable Bulk Items:
Household hazardous waste
No tree stumps, firewood, and simular yard waste
No loose piles
No construction/building materials (wood, drywall, shingles, paneling, ceiling tiles, ceramic tile, rocks, stones, concrete, dirt and similar)
No municipal solid waste beyond your 4 bag limit
No cinders unless bagged in plastic bags

Carpet must be rolled and cut to 4 foot lengths and tied with string or duct taped.

Paint – 3 to 5 open cans of dried paint may be put along side your regular trash for pick-up. Use kitty litter or sand to cause paint to dry. Throw lids in regular trash.

Kerosene Heaters, Lawn mowers, and similar must have a dry fuel tank and lids removed.

No LOOSE Piles – everything must be in a can or bag with the exception of the one bulk item which can be an appliance, furniture or similar.


Doors must be removed from refrigerators/freezers.

Automobile tires only and must be removed from the rims.

Always put trash/recycling and bulk items out the night before your pickup day.

Bags or trash cans are limited to 50 lbs. each.

Weekly limit is 4 (40 gallon bags or cans) weekly for Option 1.

Needles and other “sharps” originating from the home should NOT be placed in a recycling bin OR flushed down a toilet.  Residents should place all sharps in either a sharps container (available at pharmacies and medical supply stores), or in a sturdy plastic container such as a laundry detergent bottle.  When full, place the container or bottle containing the sharps into the GARBAGE can, not the recycle bin.  Never place loose sharps or needles in a garbage bag.



Recycle Items – Plastics # 1, 2 & 5 containers & bottles with necks smaller than their bases (no plastic bags); Steel, Aluminum & Bi Metal Cans; Aerosol Cans; Clear & Colored Glass Bottles & Jars (no picture, window or drinking glasses); Newspaper, and Food & Beverage Cartons may all be mixed in the same recycling container.  This is referred to as Single Stream Recycling.  Cardboard must be broken down and put in the recycling container or tied with string/twine to be accepted as recycling. Penn Waste will pick up leaf waste composed of leaves, tree trimmings, bushes, garden residue, and similar plants (not including grass clippings) the 1st Saturday May through November.  Must use bio-degradable bags for leaf waste.  The Carroll Township Leaf Waste Facility is also open.

Unacceptable Items –  Plastic tableware, food wrappers, bubble wrap and bags; Broken glass; Windows, mirrors, ceramics, and light bulbs; Drinking glasses; Aluminum foil; Scrap Metal, Clothing hangers, Food soiled material, Wet papers or cardboard, Shredded paper, Used paper towels or tissues, Styrofoam, Pool chemicals, Packing peanuts, Hose, Christmas lights, Diapers, Food waste, Propane tanks.

Due to the recently imposed new rules severely restricting the levels of contamination allowed in recyclable materials, these are the new recommended recycling guidelines effective June 2018

Recommended Recycling Guidelines

**All your recycling efforts are appreciated.**

All recyclables, except leaf waste, are commingled in the container that you are provided by Carroll Township, it is not necessary to sort or separate items.  All lids to recyclables go in the regular trash.  If you find one recycling container is not large enough to hold your recycling, please stop by the township office to get a second container.  We now have bigger 32 gallon recycling containers.  No need to return your old container!

Did you know?

The Township receives grant money based on the amount of recyclable materials collected.  As a result of your recycling efforts, Carroll Township received a recycling performance grant in the amount of $13,374.87 in 2020.  Great job!

Yard Waste Disposal

Carroll Township Leaf Waste Drop-Off

Yard Waste Collection through Penn Waste Inc.
2022 Carroll Township Calendar 1st Saturday of month May-November

H & H General Excavating Inc. – Spring Grove, PA


Electronic Recycling

All York County residents can recycle outdated and worn-out electronics at Fairview Township’s Electronics Recycling drop off located at 285 Spangler’s Mill Road, New Cumberland, PA 17070.  Questions concerning the electronic recycling can be directed to Fairview Township at 717-901-5261.  Carroll Township will NOT be collecting electronics.

York County Solid Waste Authority Website

Additional information on electronic recycling. 

Covered Devices and Peripherals

Mixed Household Electronics

Covered Device Recycling Act – Beginning January 24, 2013, Pennsylvania’s “Covered Device Recycling Act” (Act 108) will prohibit residents from placing “covered devices” at the curb for waste pick-up.  Under the Act, waste haulers will NOT pick up these electronics.

Household Hazardous Waste

York County Solid Waste Authority free annual collection at its Management Center.

Carroll Township has a Med-Return Drop-Off Box

How To Manage Unused Prescription Medications

Below are two businesses that will accept used motor oil from the public.  Before delivering used oil, please call the establishment to verify that they are still accepting used motor oil and when the best time would be to deliver.  Advance Auto Parts will also accept used transmission fluid.

Miller’s Import Service
11 Franklin Church Road
Dillsburg, PA 17019
No Fee

Advance Auto Parts
890 N. U.S. Route 15
Dillsburg, PA 17019
No Fee

Looking to properly dispose of your old propane tank?  In York County there are several establishments that accept old propane tanks.  The following retailers accept propane tanks at no cost to you.  The tanks are either recycled or refurbished.  Please call the retailer for business hours and to confirm that they are still accepting tanks.

Spanglers Home Center
4072 Carlisle Road
Dover, PA

Aero Energy
25 E. High Street
New Freedom, PA

Agway Energy Products
2600 W. Market Street
York, PA

For more information on recycling programs available in York County call York County Solid Waste and Refuse Authority at 717-845-1066 or visit their web site at

How to Manage various types of Residential Waste – YCSWA Brochure

Benefits of Managing Wastes at YCRRC

“Guidelines for Recycling in Your Community” – booklet available to download