Do I Need A Permit?

building permit is required for new construction, additions, alterations, renovations and various repairs.  Finishing basements, pre-built sheds, in ground and above ground swimming pools-inflatable pools included, electric service upgrades, decks greater than 30″ high, and retaining walls (over 4 foot high) also need a building permit. Most building permits fall under the PA Uniform Construction Code which require review of the application and inspections of the construction. In order to make it easier for our residents we handle the applications in house.

We use the following Municipal Code Officials to review and inspect all other residential and commercial plans.

1.  Approved Code Services – 717-506-0464

2.  Building Inspection Underwriters of PA – 717-582-4483

You may choose your UCC review and inspection company from the above approved 3rd party Inspection Agencies.  Contact your choice of agencies with any construction code questions.  Please note your choice of agencies on your permit application.

Three sets of plans, a site plan, and a check for permit application fees payable to Carroll Township must be submitted with the building permit application.  Approved Code Services and BIU review and inspection fees will be collected when the permit is issued.  The cost of permit application fees varies with each application. Please see the 2023 Fee Schedule.

The following guide for deck code requirements may help with your project;  Deck Construction Guide

***New Home applications must include a copy of the septic permit or copies of public water and public sewer permits.  Call Gary Morrow our Sewage Enforcement Officer for septic permit information at 717-697-3044 or Dillsburg Area Authority for public water and public sewer information at 717-502-0431.
***New Home applications – please include a Building Permit worksheet.


zoning permit is required when erecting or adding to any structure. New construction, additions, garages, sheds, swimming pools, concrete pads and fences are examples when a zoning permit is needed. A zoning permit is also needed for any in home business, any change of use, and to erect a sign. The cost of a zoning permit is $50.00.

Most building projects will require both a building and zoning permit.

An occupancy permit is required for any new or renovated living space and is paid for when the building permit is applied for. The cost of the occupancy permit is $25.00. When your construction is complete and you have your final inspection, please call the Township office to schedule your occupancy inspection.


A driveway permit is required if constructing a new driveway, paving or altering an existing driveway. The cost of the driveway permit is $25.00. A site plan is required with the application.


stormwater permit is required with new construction that involves over 200 square feet of area that does not have an approved plan to address on lot stormwater. New homes, additions, sheds, pole buildings, or garages, and changes to driveways or landscape that could create a possible runoff problem for their neighbor will require a stormwater permit. A site plan is required with the application. This permit is reviewed and issued by the Township. The cost of a stormwater permit depends on the area that is involved.  See 2023 Fee Schedule.


An encroachment permit is required for an open cut or boring of a Township road or right-of-way. A sketch of the proposed work is required with the application. Cost of an encroachment permit is based on the square footage of the open cut. Boring is a flat fee. Bonding is required.  See 2023 Fee Schedule and Section334 Streets and Sidewalks.


A solicitation permit is required for any peddling, canvassing and soliciting in the Township. Permit applications are available at the Township Office and are reviewed by the Police Department. The fee for a solicitation permit is – 1 month (or part of) $25 per person not to exceed $300 per year.  Separate permits will be required for each person participating.  See 2023 Fee Schedule and Section 284 Peddling and Soliciting.  Tent sales will also require a zoning permit See Section 450-90, Tent Sales Temporary.


Effective July 1, 2009, contractors who perform home improvements for which the total cash value is $5,000 or more per year are required to register with the Office of Attorney General.  This registration number will be required when applying for permits.  Click here for more information.