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Northern York County School District

Dillsburg Borough Homepage

Dillsburg Area Business Association

Franklin Township Homepage

Franklintown Borough Homepage

Monaghan Township Homepage

Monaghan Township Volunteer Fire Co.

York County Homepage

Penn Waste Inc.

York County Solid Waste Authority – Recycling events held in York County

York County Conservation District

York County Planning Commission

York County  Recreational Viewer is a mapping application that you can use to find outdoor recreational opportunities in and around York County, Pennsylvania that are open to the public.  The application allows you to view State, County and Municipal Parks, as well as hiking and biking trails.

York County Planning Commission’s Public Map Portal has other helpful mapping applications.

York County Department of Emergency Services

PA Department of Environmental Protection

Jeri Jones Geological Services – Dillsburg Earthquakes, York County Dinosaurs

PA Homepage

PA Office of Open Records

CDC Website on Pandemic Influenza

York County Emergency Management – Learn how to prepare for natural or man-made emergencies or disasters.

Emergency preparedness for schools and their students – A guide for schools and their students in order to prepare for natural disaster situations.

NEMA’s Facebook Page

Disaster Preparedness Guide – Federal, State & Local government site

Starting and Growing a Neighborhood Watch

Online College Guide

A private student loans guide is a community organization dedicated to empowering people suffering from substance abuse addiction with tools and resources to start their personal journey toward recovery. We create and publishes comprehensive, unbiased, free web-based resources that have been featured and is referenced by many governmental agencies and organizations across the web.

Guide to Financial Recovery After Substance Use Disorder –  

Obtaining Insurance for Mental Health Care – –Asbestos Recycling –types of mesothelioma cancer and treatment options  

As covid cases continue to increase, more people are forced to stay at home to quarantine. This issue can most likely damage one’s mental health by creating mental issues such as depression, anxiety, and alcoholism. It is important to take the right measures and treat those issues before it’s too late. Which is why our company developed free resources that help educate and treat those issues, some which include: 

Overcoming Addiction During Covid-19 an article that discusses ways to avoid alcohol addiction during these difficult times and provide treatments 

Can Depression Lead to Substance Use? Describes symptoms of depression and provides treatment options to help those who are struggling

Opioid Overdose Symptoms, Risks, and Treatment A medically reviewed article discussing opioid overdose symptoms, the risk of overdosing on opioids and treatment options

Depression, Anger, and Addiction a medically reviewed article that explains how can depression turn into addiction, and provides treatment options

For those hoping to find help in their local areas they can also use our free directory to locate the nearest treatment facilities. – Addiction Guide is one of the only educational websites founded by a recovering addict, an addict’s spouse, and a board-certified addiction doctor. Over 100,000 Americans have died of a drug overdose during the pandemic, and so this website was created with a clear mission – to save lives.