Welcome to Carroll Township’s home on the web. We hope you’ll find our  website both informative and easy to navigate.  Meeting Agendas and Minutes are available.  Zoning Hearing Board Notices will be posted monthly.  Various Applications and Forms are available for printing under Resources.  Updating will occur routinely and Township Ordinances are available on line.  Thank you and enjoy your visit.
Carroll Township/Dillsburg Borough Community Map

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Street Sweeping – Week of May 3rd

Street Sweeping will begin the week of May 3rd. This is done primarily in the developments. Please do not park vehicles on the streets during this time. If you have any questions, call the office at 717-432-4951.

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Cameras to be used by Officers

To be transparent, the Carroll Township Police Department has equipped in every patrol car in its fleet an In-Car Camera system and a portable microphone which allows the department to document incidents with audio/video recordings.  The Police Department will soon be expanding this program to include Body Worn Cameras for all its officers.  The combination of the In Car Cameras and Body Worn Cameras will allow the police department to more accurately document events, actions, conditions and statements made during incidents; enhance an officers ability to prepare and present court testimony; improve the training and supervision capabilities of the department and will assist in maintaining officer accountability.  The Department has applied for two grants which will cover most of the cost of the Body Worn Cameras.  The Department anticipates having the Body Worn Cameras in service in the foreseen future.

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Board of Supervisors Public Hearings Scheduled – CANCELLED – RESCHEDULED TO JULY 19, 2021

NOTICE is hereby given that the Carroll Township Board of Supervisors, York County, Dillsburg, Pennsylvania announces that they will be holding two public hearings on Monday, April 19, 2021 starting at 6:30 p.m.   The first public hearing shall start at 6:30 p.m. to discuss proposed updates to the Northern York County Region Comprehensive Plan. After that hearing has concluded the Board of Supervisors shall hold a public hearing regarding proposed changes to the Carroll Township Zoning Map and Zoning Ordinance, which is considered a comprehensive rezoning of Carroll Township.

The meetings will be held at the Carroll Township Municipal Building, 555 Chestnut Grove Road, Dillsburg, Pennsylvania. The building and meeting room will be open to the public in accordance with State requirements and guidelines.  There shall be limited capacity due to social distancing requirements and masks shall be required of all persons entering the building and meeting room.

The proposed changes can be viewed at the Dillsburg Banner, 31 S. Baltimore Street, Dillsburg, PA, or Carroll Township, 555 Chestnut Grove Road, Dillsburg, PA Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  It is also available for view at the York County Law Library and Dillsburg Public Library.

Participation in the Public Hearings may be virtual, via the Zoom platform. See BOS Agendas. The meetings will also be televised on the Comcast Channel 95. All persons desiring to participate in the public hearing but not be on site will be able to attend the meeting via the link to the Zoom web meeting and/or a telephone number on the Township’s website, www.carrolltownship.com prior to the start of the meeting. For the periods of public comment, public comment will begin with those matters first submitted in advance by e-mail to fromberger@carrolltownship.com , or by telephone at 717-432-4951 or by regular mail to the Township Office.

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Next Township Shredding Event Scheduled

Saturday, June 26th will be the next scheduled Township Shredding Event. It will be held at the Municipal Building parking lot from 9am to Noon.

Carroll Township residents and businesses are invited to have “confidential” paper material securely destroyed by Higher Information Group. Items include but are not limited to: Old tax returns, pay stubs, bank statements, receipts, utility bills, etc. Staples and paper clips are fine. This is a free service to our residents.

Please wear a mask and follow social distancing.

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The Township Office is closed to the public

The Township Office is closed to the public until further notice.

If you need to speak to someone,
call 717-432-4951 or email the office at –




Appointments required, social distancing and masks required to enter the building and for any scheduled meetings in the building.

Police Department:
For emergency call 911
Non-emergency call York County Control at 717-854-5571 and ask for Carroll Township Dispatcher.

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Apply on-line for New PA Mail-in Ballot or Absentee Ballot

In Pennsylvania you now have two options for mail ballots. You may choose a mail-in ballot or an absentee ballot.

Absentee ballot – If you plan to be out of the municipality on election day or if you have a disability or illness, you should request this ballot type, which still requires you to list a reason for your ballot.

Mail-in ballot – If you aren’t an absentee voter, you may apply for a mail-in ballot – You may simply request this ballot without a reason.

Apply on-line here

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The attached Zoning Map is a DRAFT that has been developed by the Carroll Township Re-Zoning Committee.  While no new Zoning Districts were created, some district boundary lines have been redrawn.  Changes to district lines took into consideration non-conforming properties and also the vision for future growth along the Township’s major travel routes. The goal is to have the revised map and text amendments ready for adoption in 2021.

Carroll Zoning Map_September 23 2020

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Carroll Township has purchased a Leaf Vacuum Collector through a Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Act 101, Section 902 Municipal Recycling Grant.  Leaves will be collected along public Township and State Roads.  The Highway Staff will be going through the Township weekly from last week of October through second week of December to collect the leaves.  Township residents must rake leaves to the curb or to the edge of the road by Monday, 7AM for leaf pick up that week.    If for some reason you were missed, please call the Township Municipal Building at (717) 432-4951 to let us know that you were missed.

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The Code of the Township of Carroll

Carroll Township engaged General Code to organize, review, analyze, produce and print the Code of Carroll Township.  Codification of our Township Ordinances will ensure that the average citizen is able to access, review and learn about Township governance and the Ordinances that may be influences on their daily lives and livelihoods.  Please note that when organizing Ordinances into a Code book they are arranged by subject matter.  This means that prior numbering of Ordinances will be different in the new Code. 

The Code of the Township of Carroll

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Medication Drop-Box Program Collects 3.62 Tons of Medications in 2020

The York County Solid Waste Authority (YCSWA) disposed of a total of 3.62 tons of unused and expired residential medication collected via the Authority’s Secure Medication Take-back Box Program, community drug take-back events and illegal drugs delivered by law enforcement for destruction.

Currently, 18 York County police department locations partner with the YCSWA to host medication take-back boxes in their police department lobbies.  The Secure Medication Take-back Box Program provides a secure disposal option for unwanted medications from residential sources at no cost to the public or to law enforcement agencies.  All York County police departments have been invited to participate.  Illegal drugs captured by law enforcement are also destroyed at no cost.

The secure medication take-back boxes, purchased by YCSWA from MedReturn, work like a mailbox: once medications are deposited, they cannot be retrieved and are contained in a locked compartment accessible only by law enforcement.  The heavy-duty green metal box bolts to the floor and wall.  Medications collected in the take-back box program are delivered by law enforcement to the Authority’s waste-to-energy facility for safe and complete destruction.  Law enforcement also maintains the box and secures medications that are received until they can be destroyed.

The Authority’s waste-to-energy facility is equipped with state-of-the-art combustion technology and air emission controls making it York County’s best waste management tool for destruction of medications and illegal drugs seized in law enforcement actions.  The facility’s operator, Covanta York Renewable Energy, also supports this method that ensures complete destruction of medications and illegal drugs at the York County Resource Recovery Center.

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