Welcome to Carroll Township’s home on the web. We hope you’ll find our  website both informative and easy to navigate.  Meeting Agendas and Minutes are available.  Zoning Hearing Board Notices will be posted monthly.  Various Applications and Forms are available for printing under Resources.  Updating will occur routinely and Township Ordinances are available on line.  Questions, concerns, and suggestions may be forwarded through our Contact Us Form.  Thank you and enjoy your visit.

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Carroll Township, York County, is seeking proposals for investment services relative to its Non-uniform Pension Plan.  The Request for Proposals (“RFP”) including specifications, procedures to compete for the work and required disclosures, are available by opening the link below or by contacting Faye Romberger at (717) 432-4951.

The specifications are set forth in the RFP and include detailed questions associated with qualifications, experience, expertise and compensation to be charged.  In order to complete for the work, a response to the RFP must be provided in accordance with the RFP on or before Friday, January 30, 2015 at 1:00 p.m.  As set forth in the RFP, the response must include several required disclosures including a completed Disclosure Statement.  The municipality reserves the right to request additional information from any or all respondents, to waive any defect or abnormality, to award or not award all or any portion of the described work, to issue modifications or to otherwise move forward in the best interest of the municipality.

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Request for Letter of Interest for Elected Auditors

There are three positions available (5 year term, 3 year term and 1 year term).  Requirement is the applicant must be a registered voter and live in the Township for at least 1 year.  Submit your letter of interest to Carroll Township, 555 Chestnut Grove Road, Dillsburg no later than 4:00pm on Friday, January 23, 2015.  Call the Township office with any questions.

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To all residents:

There have been reports of someone calling residents soliciting chimney cleaning.  They are saying they’re from Dillsburg Fire Rescue and if it is not done and their chimney catches fire, the Fire Company will fine them.
* Under no circumstances does any of the local fire departments clean chimneys whatsoever.  This person is not affiliated with Dillsburg Fire Rescue.  If you are called, please get whatever info you can and call Carroll Township Police Department as a report has been filed by Dillsburg.
If you need to speak to a fire department representative please call:
Ed McCoy, Deputy Chief
Citizens Hose Co. Dillsburg

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As the Emergency Management Coordinator for Carroll Twp. I encourage everyone to sign up for the “South Central Alert System”
In the event of an emergency, or the need for an evacuation, this system will call the number(s) you provide to it.  If a problem exists in the area you live in you will get a call. Even if you want to be alerted to a problem in the area of your child’s day care center, you will get a call if you put in that information.
It is free to sign up.  Type in the below link and look on the left side of the page for the South Central Alert which is in yellow letters.


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